Sissy Punishment

Phone Domination for a sissy who needs a little punishment!

phone domination

I am Mistress Karen! I am a professional dominatrix with extensive experience in managing men. My voice is a luxury that males learn to obey. I dominate and control. Soft and sexy, yes, but I have a will of iron.

Sometimes sissies need something harsher than being made to wear their panties backwards or being put in a very humiliating situation. Some sissies actually need something more physical that will put a bit of fear into their sissy hearts. Some sissies get sooo excited when things get painfully rough and if you're one of them, you know what I'm talking about.

For example: Covering sissy's twat nuts with as many clothespins as possible and then knocking them off with a wooden spoon. If that doesn't make sissy howl, I know of many more things that will. Or, tying up the sissy dicklet so tight it cannot "expand" then using a dildo until sissy does some heartfelt begging for relief. You get the picture.

I am a loving and compassionate Mistress which those of you who've talked to me have discovered. However, there is another side of me that isn't so nice. I am a sadist and have no problems causing my sissies to squeal in pain. Fortunately for my willing victims, the compassionate part of my personality will save you from harm but not from hurt!

You will learn to identify a domainant female, how to respond correctly (without making an fool of yourself), how to enjoy her dominance.

Femdom means pleasure in return for your obedience. You learn to signal your submissiveness, AND to do it correctly.

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